4IR And Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Let’s face it; the talk about the so-called 4IR is as gibberish as talk about smart cities, AI and other related acronyms and jargon. But the truth of the matter is that 4IR is real. What many know is that 4IR (The Fourth Industrial Revolution) is the new world’s technological advances and that jobs of today will perish or will take a different form.

Why 4IR?

How does The Fourth Industrial Revolution affect the creative industry and entertainment? How should the new creative chiefs be thinking? Those are the burning questions. Experts foresee traditional work (being stuck to your desk top) will come to an end, emphasizing that entrepreneurship is key in this digital era. Does that already mean creative and artists, who are naturally enterprising, have an upper hand? This means embracing a new way of thinking creatively, new ways of conceptualizing, articulating ideas and exhibiting art forms.


4IR and The Entertainment Industry

When we speak of incorporating 4IR in the entertainment industry, we identify the recreational ideas, opportunities and economical changes that will give the utmost growth to the entertainment sector on the continent. If you are not one with technology, now is the time to look forward to the revolution and be familiar with cutting-edge technologies, such as fifth-generation mobile Internet connectivity (5G).


Growing with your content and allowing creative growth is important and 4IR technologies will allow the circulation of information in it’s great lengths to generate a new source of creativity which can be shared amongst other creatives to share and build on it. It is about how well we use data in this age of information.


It is not yet clear as to what kind of work an entertainer or creator in a 4IR world will do, however we can look into current needs and leverage on being involved in the creation or development of opportunities as we learn to keep abreast of developments. For example, we should get involved in technology translators that translates from isiZulu to English and vice versa, face recognition technology is here and needs creative heads that will design bespoke African entertainment products. An administrative part of your craft will be fuelled by big data and therefore data training should form part of the creative industry’s value chain today.

As much as employment and The Fourth Industrial Revolution are a tricky conversation, we consider the perks of creative entrepreneurship, which allows turning talent into a business.