About Us

Every talent is a business.


he Showbiz, Entertainment and Art industries form a big part of African culture, pride and heritage. SEAfrica was developed to support artists in their need to make a living off of their passion and talent. It is also a platform that enables producers, promoters, sponsors and talent management alike to invest in performing talent.

We have hosted this initiative under the name SEAexpo since 2014, and have now answered the call to reach talented people across Africa in 2016 with our new brand name SEAfrica.

SEAfrica is about finding the right channels to help monetize talent while starting the right conversations to foster nuanced networking.
Our goal is to educate, empower and epitomize Talent as a Business. SEAfrica is a must-attend event for every talent manager, DJ, Musician, Actor, Comedian, Singer, Dancer, Agent, Model or any talent in the entertainment industry, if you:

  • Want to get ahead in the entertainment industry
  • Are ready to grow
  • Want to learn how to market your talent as a business
  • Desire to gain valuable entertainment industry knowledge
  • Network with new talent and greats in the entertainment industry

Here’s what past participants have to say:

Past Participating Companies: