2016 Topics at a glance

Learn about the inner workings of the entertainment industries. Sessions will focus on the business side of things and the ever-changing nature of the industries.
The SEAfrica Conference provides an opportunity for African professionals at every level to participate, learn, and network. Over a two-day period the sessions will explore the following #iDigital topics:

Day 1 – 07 October 2016

With the advent of mobile technology, what does entertainment mean to an entrepreneurial talent and business. The landscape is being redefined. As a result an enterprising talent needs to know the pros and cons of using technology as a business enabler. How can the industry champion the trajectory of success and digital development? Catch a keynote presentation by one of Africa’s most relevant pioneering minds in the industry today – @GarethCliff

Believe it or not there is a digital spin to being a spindoctor!
In the case of ‘talent management’ the digital era has changed the relationship between talent and management in a big way.
Learn about the science of talent management and what makes it work for the better in a digital world. Find out from Kerry Friedman who is an innovative talent manager who knows how to use digital means in order to get ahead.

12:00 - lunch break

13:00 - Networking Hour

This is where the countries big names are born.
Ekurhuleni is home to many South African thriving entertainers such as DJ Shimza, internationally acclaimed songstress Lira, serial entrepreneur DJ Sbu and many more.
In the digital era how do creatives identify and sustain their careers in a cutthroat environment. Find out what kind of foundation is required at a local level to set talent up for success.

What makes Africa tick – digitally?
In this exciting and innovative space there are trends that will keep you in the know and a step ahead when it comes to opportunities online.
Some of SEAfrica’s digital disrupters – the biggest minds in Africa – will get together to discuss what trends you should follow. They ask and answer what these trends should mean to you and what opportunities are just waiting to be explored. Get entertainment and media insights from a leading PWC expert as well as advice from the minds of those who have mastered the tricks and are now reaping the rewards in the age of digital.

Day 2 – 08 October 2016

Making money matters, no matter which industry you find yourself in.
But the world of showbiz tends to lean heavily on how deep your pockets can get. That, coupled with the world of entrepreneurship can be tough and at times is riddled with negativity and poor self worth. So how do you strike a balance and remain positive and productive?

12:00 - lunch break

She’s known as the Queen of the dance floor. She is more than just a DJ. When she is not making people dance DJ Zinhle heads a female DJ Academy and a fast growing clothing label that she launched – online. Discover marketing techniques that work and find out how mobile technology has enabled her to create a legacy for her brand – Era by DJ Zinhle.

Radio is more than only audio content. Access to other media platforms is getting more important in radio. The new generation is consuming media on their mobile and screen devices. How are stations driving tune-in via social media and generate revenue? Radio is in the perfect position to explore closer relationships with listeners through social media and in your own online resources. The on-air presenter’s role has changed. How are we adapting to the change?

What use are laws if they are not understood and applied? Protecting ones creative work is of utmost importance when transforming talent into a business and this session teaches you on how you can protect your work. This comes at a critical time when the copyright law is under going review. Get up to date with recent developments to the Amendment Bill and how digital technology plays in these new developments.

17:00 - Networking Hour

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