Today, across all spectrums of creativity, has to be one of the greatest times to be an artist or creative and be an entrepreneur at the same time. What can this be attributed to? Well, what other greater way is there to explosively express individual or collective talent or skill, than to maximize on the internet’s greatest asset of online marketing and communications…social media.

Take it from Zuckerberg

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg said; “when you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a good place”. This is the same power given to the people through the use of social media and possibly the same power that allows today’s creatives, to build a world-wide-recognized brand within their industry.

Gone are the years of social media stereotypes such as; “social media is only meant for the youth” and online businesses not enjoying much success.


The advent of social media allows small and major-scale brands and creatives to be able to come together and collaborate like never before. This has broken certain boundaries between some industries which would not have been considered. For example we have witnessed collaborations paving the way for video editors and radio presenters to be in one room to produce content. Such collaborations lead to ‘audience accessibility’ online. To have your audience accessible to your content online, fosters bonds, builds relations and generates a perceived-effort on how you would like your brand to appeal to your audience. To close the gap between you and the market you are targeting online, means opening up and allowing the public space to get to know you and the brand you are trying to put on a pedestal.

Give Business Platforms A Shot

Make your social media life count by taking on the big boys, hop onto LinkedIN for real-time business opportunities. Individuals from private and public companies, whether on a small or major scale, are creating real-time business engagements. People who share similar interests and career paths are constantly on the platform in search for inspiration. So why not make your brand accessible to a captured market? Hop on and share your creative knowledge and connect with relevant communities. We can almost guarantee you that by sharing your creative expressions and ideas you can enjoy business growth beyond what you could have imagined. 

Get Expert Advice

As they say, getting advice given by someone who has studied a subject thoroughly or who is very skilled at what they do is one way of getting a step ahead in your area of work. Not only will they point out any limitations, they will also be a source of good ideas for what you might be struggling with. If you are a musician, a practical example is Siya Metane (Slikour) who has made it big in online business. Other experts you can depend on are those that specialise in teaching or training particular skills such as Lauren Dallas an expert marketer who trains thousands of business to improve their efficiency in growing businesses via social media. Both Slikour and Lauren will be sharing a stage at SEAfrica 2019 to share their expertise.

As an entrepreneurial creative the online world is your oyster. You can literally turn your talent into a business and connecting through networking is key here. So do not undermine the power of social media, as it can expand your competitiveness in your industry.