A creative that remains fearless and grounded with their art form almost guarentees career longevity and a lasting relationship with its audience. This logic is significantly apparant the world-over, with big stars who are thriving from their performing talents from an early age. Much like our Black Panther and Lion King star Dr. John Kani, who plays a significant role in taking African theatre and its artistry to world stages.

What do you know? SEAfrica 2019 brings you the multi international award-winning playwright, director and actor Dr. John Kani who presents ‘The World is Your Stage’ (Global Success Tips For Creatives). To book a seat and experience the revered and inspirational Dr. John Kani secure your two-day ticket for only R150 (Early-Bird Rate.)

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Dr. John Kani – South African Actor, Director and Playwright

More About John Kani

Dr. John Kani began his journey in the rural areas of New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, later becoming a global brand in the film and theatre space, making great strides in his career on and off stage. Kani addresses societal issues in the form of theatre and literature. He has also actively contributed to youth development, by sharing his acquired skills and industry knowledge through the Market Theatre Laboratory, that he helped to be established.

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